BodyFit review
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Femme Factor BodyFit Review

BodyFit is a fat burning and energy supplement brought to market by Femme Factor. The company is based in the US and claims to be dedicated to “unleashing the smart, strong, and sexy potential in all women, regardless of age”. Femme Factor also claims to be constantly seeking ways to [Read More]

Instant Knockout for women
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Instant Knockout For Women, Female Fat Burner

Instant Knockout for Women Review Instant Knockout is fat burner and an energy boosting diet pill that was originally developed to support the training and fat burning needs of professional fighters. The original restrictions on its distribution are no longer in place. Instant Knockout is now available to all and [Read More]

Simply Slim Xplosion T6 Fat Burner
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Simply Slim Xplosion T6 Fat Burner Review

Simply Slim Xplosion T6 Fat Burner is a supplement produced by Epic supplements and sold on Amazon under the Simply Slim brand name. The company also markets another product called Extreme T5 Fat Burner and the interesting thing is both formulations are the same. The colour of packaging is the [Read More]

Probulus Toner
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Probulus Toner Review – For Women

Probulus Toner is part of a range health and fitness products manufactured by Praxol Enterprises and marketed under the Probulus brand name. Some Probulus products are alleged to have been specially developed for women. Others are unisex and there are also several supplements aimed at men. Probulus Toner is marketed [Read More]

INVIGOR8 Ingredients
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INVIGOR8 Fat Burner Review – Natural Appetite Suppressant

INVIGOR8 Fat Burner is a diet pill that contains only natural ingredients. It’s manufactured in the USA by Biomedical Research Laboratories (BRL) and the company also markets an INVIGOR8 health shake designed to deliver “whole-body health without sacrificing taste”. As the name suggests, INVIGOR8 Fat Burner is primarily designed to [Read More]

Firestorm for women
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StripFast 5000 Firestorm Maximum Strength Review

Can women use StripFast 5000 Firestorm Maximum Strength ? Stripfast 5000 Firestorm  is a fat burner marketed under the StripFast5000 brand name. Although there is an official website, the product is primarily sold via Amazon UK. The capsules are red and the bottle is black, with a few flames thrown [Read More]

She Supps
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She Supps Fat Burners Review – Pros and cons

She Supps Fat Burners is a fat burner for women. It’s been brought to market by She Supps and, by the company’s own admission, the key ingredient is caffeine. Many fat burning diet pills contain caffeine. It’s one of the most commonly used diet pill ingredients in the world, but [Read More]

K-Thermo-Kinetic-Burn-Extreme label
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K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme Review With Comments

K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme is a supplement designed to function as a combined fat burner and performance enhancer. It’s distributed under the Trim-Right brand name, but Trim-Right is just a trading name used by a company called eBeauty. eBeauty generally markets cosmetic and toiletry products, so it’s unclear if [Read More]