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Skinny Angel – Extreme Fat Burner Review

Skinny Angel is a supplement marketed under the ViMulti brand name and sold via ViMulti claim the product is powerful enough for men, but was designed for women and will target fat in “troubled areas” like the belly and thighs. Promised benefits include: Lose stubborn belly fat Destroy fat [Read More]

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Team Six Star6urn-PM Fat Burner And Sleep Aid

Team Six Star6urn-PM is a health and wellness supplement that’s sold on Amazon by Team Six Supplements. Apart from the fact that the company is very active on Amazon, and markets several other products via the site, there’s no information available about Team Six Supplements. Like a lot of other [Read More]

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XLS Medical Hunger Buddy Review

Hunger Buddy is an appetite suppressing diet pill brought to market by the Belgium-based company Omega Pharma. The only active ingredient is a proprietary blend called Redusure and the interesting thing is the company also markets a product called Specialist Appetite Reducer that is totally reliant on Redusure as well. [Read More]

Hunger Buster
Diet Pill Reviews

Hunger Buster Capsules from Protein World

Hunger Buster is a dietary supplement distributed by Protein World. The company’s head office is in Wallington, London and members of the customer services department are easy to contact via email and telephone. Protein World also markets a diverse range of other health and wellness products, including fat metabolising capsules, [Read More]