Burn4Her Natural Fat Burner – Burns Stored Fat as Fuel

Burn4Her before and afterBurn4Her is a fat burner made in America by TEK Naturals and—ladies!—they made it especially for you.

At least that’s what they say in all the Burn4Her marketing material.

However, all the ingredients used in the formulation are diet pill regulars that can be found in plenty of diet pills that other manufacturers deem suitable for men.

For obvious reasons we are extremely pro fat burners for women – or diet pills in general that target women. But there has to be a unique selling point.

Quick comment: The product looks great, there is an obvious appeal. We do feel though that you have a better chance of success using LeanBean

What Is Burn4Her and How Does It Work? 

According to the TEK Naturals website, Burn4Her is a scientifically formulated fat burning supplement that works in three powerful ways:

  • Burns stored fat as fuel
  • Suppresses the appetite naturally and safely
  • Programs the body to burn fat instead of storing it

This is basic stuff. Most diet pills are designed to do these things and, like any of the other options on the market, Burn4Her encourages the body to burn fat by speeding up the metabolism.

What are the best female fat burners for 2020

We have reviewed the latest female targeted fat burners from around the globe and made a list of the top ranking products.

We take into consideration customer feedback, value for money, customer service and of course results

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This causes the body to burn calories faster and, when “combined with a sensible diet and a thoughtful workout regimen” the body will be forced to respond to the resulting lack of calories by starting to burn its fat for energy.

The formulation’s ability to suppress the appetite will support the recommended sensible diet by reducing hunger pangs sufficiently for capsule users to stick with the plan.

That’s the theory anyway. The reality will be dependent on the quality and quantity of the ingredients TEK Naturals has chosen to use.

Burn4Her report and analysis

Key Ingredients

Three capsules provide:

  • Vitamin B3 (20mg), Vitamin B6 (10mg), Vitamin B12 (500mcg): B vitamins help the body extract energy from food. Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 are considered to be so important for this they are both added to energy drink formulations.
  • Chromium (100mcg): A mineral that controls blood sugar levels and insulin secretion and, in so doing, prevents the blood sugar crashes that trigger carb urges. Chromium is added to most diet pills and 100mcg has become pretty much the industry standard dose.
  • Green Tea (500mg): Green tea boosts the metabolism and causes the body to lose calories as heat (thermogenic fat burning). Together with chromium, it’s one of the most commonly-used diet pill ingredients in the world. We love the way TEK Naturals point out the fact green tea’s polyphenols can reduce a woman’s risk of heart disease. It’s just marketing spiel. Green tea can do this for anyone, regardless of their sex.
  • Konjac Root-Glucomannan (400mg): A high-fibre ingredient that can provide a powerful hunger-curbing effect. Unfortunately, the dose provided here is a little low.
  • Guarana Seed Extract – 50% caffeine (300mg): The caffeine provided by guarana should help prevent diet-related fatigue. The fact that caffeine is a proven fat burner makes guarana’s inclusion doubly beneficial.
  • Raspberry Ketone (250mg): A phenol that’s both an appetite suppressant and a fat burner, but the fruit extract works best. There’s also a synthetic version that’s very popular because it’s cheaper, but it does not pack much of a punch. It’s unclear which one Burn4Her contains.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract – 50% chlorogenic acid (150mg): Although the chlorogenic acid provided by green coffee beans can be useful for suppressing sugar urges, the ingredient is more respected as a thermogenic fat burner. The dose provided here may be a little low.
  • Garcinia Cambogia – 60% HCA (150mg): The hydroxycitric acid (HCA) provided by this topical fruit supplies appetite suppression and can inhibit the body’s ability to store fat. Experts stress garcinia cambogia extracts need to be at least 60% HCA. The extract used here is of such a quality, however, the dose is too low.
  • L-Theanine (100mg): An amino acid that has a positive influence on brain function.
  • CLA Oil Powder (100mg): A fatty acid that can encourage the body to burn more of its fat and less of its muscle. This is a useful ability because muscle tissue is often lost during dieting. However, CLA works best when it’s delivered in doses of 3000-6000mg per day.
  • Theobromine (50mg): A stimulant derived from cocoa beans. It doesn’t provide as much energy as caffeine, but it opens up the blood vessels to allow the muscles and vital organs to receive extra oxygen and nutrients.

Usage Instructions

Customers are given the options of taking three capsules with breakfast or taking one capsule three times per day.

Burn4Her Customer Feedback

The only Burn4Her customer reviews we could find were the ones provided by TEK Naturals.

They are all highly praising of the product’s abilities as a female fat burner, but feedback provided by such a biased source cannot be relied upon to paint a true picture of the product’s abilities as weight loss aid for women.

Burn4Her Side Effects and Health Issues

TEK Naturals fails to state if Burn4Her has any known side effects, but the formulation is unlikely to be suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child.

People who have existing health problems should always ask a doctor for advice before using any brand of dietary supplement for the first time.

The same advice is offered to people who are considering using Burn4Her alongside prescription drugs or medication.

Burn4Her Purchasing Options and Considerations

Although TEK Naturals are also distributing Burn4Her via Amazon.com (US Customers only), it’s usually cheaper to buy directly from the company website because any attempt to leave the Burn4Her sales page results in the offer of a 10% discount code.

TEK Naturals have also created quite an impressive Burn4Her website, but it only provides the sales pitch, customers who attempt to place an order are automatically transferred to TEKnaturals.com.


Customers are promised a 30-day money back guarantee. That’s not long enough to allow anyone to try the product and see what it can do. All of the leading diet pill brands have a 60-day money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

We don’t question the potential of the ingredients used in Burn4Her.

All of them are known to be good. However, in several cases we have to question the inclusion rates and, given the use of so many diet pill regulars, we still feel this female fat burning formulation would be equally suitable for men.

When used alongside diet and exercise, Burn4Her will likely provide some improvement to the obtained. Green tea could do that alone. However, some of the other female fat burning products we’ve reviewed have superior abilities and longer guarantees.

Recommended Diet Pill For Women

We rate LeanBean as the number one female fat burner

LeanBean is not just a fat burner it is multi benefit, it can also suppress appetite and contains ingredients to help regulate hormones.

LeanBean Female fat burner

The formulation is also designed to reduce sugar urges, so it’s good for keeping hunger levels under control.

It also has ingredients that can control estrogen production and reviews written by menopausal women suggest the formulation works like a charm. LeanBean is for all women

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Leanbean fat burner women

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