32 Great Ways to Make Your Hunger Go Away

Make you hunger go away

Hunger is horrible. It is the biggest reason why diet attempts fail. Here are a few things you can do to make it go away. Some are obvious, some are not, some are from left field and some are downright bizarre.

  1. Choose Your Bread Carefully

Research shows eating cereal-based bread can be an effective way to reduce your appetite and lower calorie consumption.

      1. Try Eating Eggs for Breakfast. Research conducted on obese subjects shows eggs provide more satiety than breakfast bagels and can significantly reduce short-term food intake.

    Eggs for breakfast

3. Be Sure to Get Your Oats

It’s official. Scientists have proved it. Eating oatmeal increases satiety and reduces hunger.

  1. Don’t Want to Grapple with Hunger? Eat an Apple

Apples contain pectin. It thickens jams and jellies and can be good for suppressing your appetite too.

  1. Go Orange

Apples are good, but oranges and other citric fruit pack the most powerful pectin punch of all.

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  1. Wear Blue Sunglasses at Mealtimes

Blue is an appetite killing color, so eating from a blue plate or while wearing your blue shades is apparently a good way to eat less and lose weight.

  1. Get a Bigger Fork

When it comes to fork size, research shows bigger is better because people using larger forks put less food in their mouths.

  1. Try Some Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon lowers insulin resistance and helps prevent blood sugar spikes that can initiate a desire for sweet food.

  1. Eat Half an Avocado

According to Medical News Today, people who eat half an avocado for lunch can reduce their appetite by 40%.

Eat Half an Avocado

  1. Boiled Potatoes are Best

Boiled potatoes have been shown to satiate the appetite better than any other food option on the planet.

  1. Fill-Up on Halibut

Halibut is apparently the best fish to eat for weight loss because it’s the fish that offers the best stomach filling effect.

  1. Add a Little Chilli Pepper

Red hot chili peppers can help you eat less, so sprinkling a little on your food can be a hot weight loss trick.

  1. Up Your Protein Intake

Eating lean meat, yoghurts, cottage cheese, fish, lentils, and other high-protein foods is a good way to build muscle and can be equally effective for suppressing the appetite.

  1. Use Whey Protein Powder for Fast Appetite Suppression

When you’re in a rush, don’t skip meals, have a whey protein shake instead. It’s quick to prepare, nourishing, and has proven appetite reducing capabilities.

  1. Try Some Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is good for suppressing the appetite, but it appears to be more to do with the smell than the taste.

  1. Take Up Yoga

Researchers shows using the correct yoga poses can reduce binge eating by 51%.

  1. Drink Black Coffee

Coffee sometimes gets a bad rep, but research shows it can kill your appetite and may help you to live longer.

  1. Try Some Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, which helps regulate blood sugar levels and prevents urges for sugary food.


  1. Have a Cup of Green Tea

Green tea triggers the release of a hormone that that tells the brain the stomach is full.

  1. Eat Chromium-Rich Food

Eating tomatoes, broccoli, and other chromium rich foods can assist weight loss because consuming chromium is another way to keep blood sugar levels in check.

  1. Have a Glass of Red Wine

Drinking a glass of red wine could help you to lose weight because it contains resveratrol. Studies conducted on sugar-loving bees showed the bees that were given resveratrol stopped eating as soon as they had obtained enough energy for their needs. The other bees did not.

  1. Drink Water Before Meals

Drinking some water before each of your meals will make the stomach feel fuller and help you to eat less food.

  1. Eat Dark Chocolate

Believe it or not, eating dark chocolate can be a good way to curb sugar cravings.

24 Visualize

Research shows visualizing eating your favorite food can reduce your comsumption of it, so if you want to think “candy”, that’s okay.

  1. Go to Bed Earlier

Ghrelin is the hunger hormone responsible for making you want to eat. Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain because it causes your ghrelin levels to rise.

  1. Black Licorice for Hunger

Eating black licorice can reduce hunger, but researchers don’t appear to be able to agree why.

  1. Make Your Hunger Take a Walk 

Walking can be a good way to take your mind off hunger. It can also take it away by stimulating the release of the hunger regulating hormone peptide YY.

  1. Eat Slow, Eat Less

Research shows eating slowly gives your stomach time to appreciate the fact that it is full and send the necessary hunger-stopping signal to the brain.

  1. Get Nutty with Almonds

Almonds contain fat, so don’t go overboard, but eating a few of them every now and again is another good way to suppress hunger cravaings.

  1. Tuck into Tofu

Tofu helps you eat less because it contains an appetite suppressing isoflavone called genistein.

  1. Eat Less, More Often

Eating smaller meals more frequently (every two to three hours) can prevent dramatic post-eating sugar peaks that can trigger a desire for more food.

  1. Get Your Teeth into Some Sugar-Free Gum

Research shows chewing gum is a good way to curb the appetite. This is not due to any special component found in the gum. It’s caused by the action of chewing.

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